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    1. Fiddle Music – the Website for Fiddle Lovers

      We’ve gathered 1,000’s of fiddle music related products together in one place… including fiddle music CDs, DVDs, Sheet Music, Instruction Books, Fake Books, fiddles and fiddle accessories, gifts for the fiddler in your life, even fiddlers!

      We’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at – Happy fiddle music searching!
      A ‘fiddle’ = any bowed string instrument, but most often the violin. Therefore, under ‘fiddle CDs‘ you will also find a selection of other types of fiddle music like the Chinese Erhu, the Indian Sarangi, etc.

      Looking for gifts for fiddle players?

      Submit an article about an interesting fiddle music concert, fiddle music CD, book or experience. As long as it is related to fiddle music and contains no objectionable material, we’ll publish it here at

      Some ideas for articles:

      • styles of fiddling, like Irish, Scottish, Bluegrass, Jazz, etc.
      • history of specific fiddle tunes
      • technique? workshops you have attended
      • fiddle cd or book reviews
      • concert reviews

      Just fill in the form to the right.

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